Netzah Yehuda fighters
Netzah Yehuda fightersIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF soldiers from the Netzah Yehuda Battalion of the Kfir Brigade arrested this week a number of Arabs suspected of terrorist activity, including two who are suspected of throwing firebombs at the community of Ofra.

Every night, the fighters carry out arrests as part of the extensive campaign against Arab terrorism, alongside the IDF's campaign against illegal weapons and terrorist funds.

Lt. Col. Nitai Okashi, the Battalion Commander of Netzah Yehuda, said, "The Netzah Yehuda Battalion has been holding operational activities in the Binyamin region for about three weeks. The battalion carries out overnight activities against terror and popular terror in the sector.”

“As part of these activities, the battalion last week arrested terror suspects in the area. We will continue to work for the security of the residents and the quality of their lives, and to maintain quiet in the sector," Okashi said.