Chris Evans has ditched his Captain America shield for a very different kind of film: He stars as an Israeli Mossad agent who worked to rescue Ethiopian Jews from Sudan.

Netflix released the first trailer on Wednesday for its original film “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” which hits the streaming platform July 31.

The film is based on the true story of the Mossad mission called “Operation Brothers,” in which Israeli agents set up a fake diving resort in Sudan as a front for their operations to smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel in the early 1980s. The resort ran for more than four years, and none of the staff knew the real purpose of their managers.

It’s the least known of the waves of Ethiopian Jewish immigration to Israel — more commonly discussed are the airlifts “Operation Moses” in 1984 and “Operation Solomon” in 1991.

“The Red Sea Diving Resort” is written and directed by the Israeli filmmaker Gideon Raff, who is perhaps best known for his Israeli TV show “Prisoners of War” that was adapted into the American hit “Homeland.”

Evans, who is not Jewish, stars alongside Michael K. Williams (from “The Wire”).