Ethiopian immigrants protest shooting of Solomon Tekah
Ethiopian immigrants protest shooting of Solomon TekahMeir Vaknin/Flash 90

The Department for the Investigation of Police will likely not ask for an extension of the house arrest of the police officer suspected of shooting Solomon Tekah, Kan 11 News reported on Sunday.

Most of the restrictive conditions imposed on the officer will also be removed, according to the report. The house arrest is set to expire on Monday.

Tekah, a 19-year-old Haifa teenager from the Ethiopian community, was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer two weeks ago.

The police officer, who was with his wife and children at the time, claims that he spotted Tekah and several other teens, who appeared to be intoxicated, attacking a 13-year-old boy.

When he intervened and identified himself as a police officer, Tekah and the others attacked him, hurling rocks at him.

Fearing for his life, the officer claimed, he fired at the ground to frighten the attackers. A bullet ricocheted off the ground and struck Tekah, killing him.

Last week, a report based on a ballistics examination confirmed that the bullet which killed Tekah was fired at the ground, and struck Tekah only after it ricocheted off the ground.

"This was his version from the start, and it is now receiving reinforcement from the PID which has been investigating the incident for eight days," a close associate of the police officer said after the findings were published. "The officer fired toward the ground and did not intend to hurt the young man."