IDF soldiers
IDF soldiersIDF spokesperson

The Hamas terrorist organization has been using the Whatsapp messenger service in an effort to collect secret Israeli military information from IDF soldiers, an IDF spokesperson revealed Sunday.

Posing as Israeli soldiers, hackers from the Gaza-based Hamas terror group have contacted IDF personnel on Whatsapp, using the connections to extract information.

The hackers at times even used genuine information, potentially information received from other soldiers in previous Whatsapp discussions, to ‘prove’ their identities as IDF personnel.

“Hey man, this is Yisrael from the 51st Battalion,” one Hamas operative wrote to an IDF soldier.

A number of IDF paratroopers reported such online encounters recently, noting that they were requested to share information on their unit’s training schedules and troop movements.

An army spokesperson said the IDF was “following” Hamas’ efforts to extract sensitive information online, and warned military personnel to “act carefully”.

"The IDF is aware of the enemy's activity and is following its efforts over social media. We call on all military and civilian personnel to act carefully and responsibly."

This is not the first time the Gaza terror group has tried to use social media to extract information from IDF soldiers.

Last year, it was revealed that Hamas operatives had used fake accounts on Facebook and dating apps to lure male soldiers into revealing information useful to the terror group.