The “Noam” party, whose name and logo were revealed last week, on Sunday released its first campaign video, in which it takes aim at values propagated by the LGBT and Reform movements.

The party, which is apparently running on a platform promoting "normalcy" and traditional values, is associated with the Har Hamor yeshiva in Jerusalem. Har Hamor is considered one of the most prominent yeshivas of the Religious Zionist movement.

The video was posted on Noam's Facebook page under the comment: "An entire country is going through conversion therapy. The time has come to stop it."

In the video, a mother, father and son drive to vote on election day in September, as the car radio announces that the Western Wall will be closed to visitors due to a gay pride parade that will take place there.

As the family members walk up to the building containing the voting booth, they are bombarded by a group of demonstrators holding signs such as “Children don’t need a mother” and “Everyone can be a Jew.”

Walking into the voting booth room, the family continues to be hit with LGBT and Reform imagery until they reach the booth itself.

The mother writes on her voting slip: “Let my son marry a woman,” while the father writes, “Let my grandson be Jewish.”

“Noam: A Normal People in Our Own Land,” the video concludes.