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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors found evidence of radioactive activity in a warehouse in Tehran that Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed in his UN speech in September, Channel 13 News reported Thursday evening.

In his speech at the United Nations, Netanyahu claimed that in August 2018, the Iranians removed 15 kilograms of enriched uranium from the atomic reactor, which it did not declare before the International Atomic Energy Agency, and said it was one of a series of steps the Iranians had taken to "cleanse" the site from incriminating evidence. Instead, they claimed that this was a carpet factory and denied that any nuclear activity had taken place.

Israel gave the IAEA information on the suspect warehouse and UN inspectors visited the site several times. At their last visit in March, inspectors found traces of radioactive materials and began preparing a report on their findings.

According to senior Israeli officials, inspections by UN inspectors have found evidence of nuclear material, and in recent weeks it has been confirmed. Senior officials have noted that much evidence has been found of radioactive contamination indicating that nuclear materials that Iran has not reported have been kept.

The storage of nuclear materials and equipment at a secret site without reporting to the IAEA is a grave breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed by Iran.

Such an official statement by the IAEA may have far-reaching international political implications for Iran. The United States and Israel hope that in the next few days the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will publish a report that will include the damning findings and distribute it to all the member states of the organization's board of directors.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with US President Donald Trump regarding the Iranian issue. It was the second such call in a week. The Prime Minister's Office said that Netanyahu expressed appreciation for the President's intention to increase sanctions against Iran.