Binyamin Netanyahu and Ahmed Tibi
Binyamin Netanyahu and Ahmed TibiFlash 90

The Regavim movement to preserve Israel’s national lands and return of rule of law attacked the Likud today following a report in Yediot Ahronot newspaper that the party thwarted a discussion initiated by the movement that was planned to take place in the Knesset plenum on the issue of illegal Palestinian Authority construction.

The background to the discussion is data published by Regavim in recent days, according to which in the past ten years no less than 28,000 illegal Palestinian structures have been built in Area C, the areas of Judea and Samaria under full Israeli control under the Oslo Accords.

According to the report, after the Likud understood that the discussion was about illegal construction committed during Netanyahu's tenure, Likud MKs who supported holding a special session on the matter were asked to withdraw their signatures.

Regavim was particularly furious at the Likud Spokesman reaction to the report, who said "we oppose and act against illegal Palestinian construction, but we won't cooperate with cynical exercises by the opposition and the Left to garner media headlines."

Regavim noted, "In the last decade, the Palestinians have been encouraging European countries to take over large areas of Area C as part of the Fayyad Plan for establishing a Palestinian state," they said.

"If the just, moral, and right struggle against the ongoing failure that allows the establishment of a terror state around the corner turns the Regavim movement into the Left then we're a proud Left," countered Regavim.

The movement says, "it was clear to us that Likud members would lead the discussion, and we welcome the Likud members who signed the request to discuss the matter and expect Likud leadership to withdraw its opposition to holding this important discussion."