Traffic caused by road-blocking protest Tuesday night
Traffic caused by road-blocking protest Tuesday nightPorat Shar/TPS

During the lengthy road-blocking protests across Israel by members of the Ethiopian community, emergency teams responded to multiple calls for help from people trapped in traffic waiting for hours to get home.

In one incident on Highway 38 near Beit Shemesh, a family in dire need of food, water, and medicine for their infant daughter called up the United Hatzalah emergency response organization for help.

Traffic had been backed up in the area for hours as a result of the protests by members of the Ethiopian community in the wake of the shooting death of an Ethiopian-Israeli teen, and the family had run out of water.

Two children were in the back seat and complaining that they were thirsty for a long time. In addition, the family had a 5-month-old infant with a heart murmur who desperately needed her medication and formula as she had not eaten for many hours.

The panicking parents, seeing no end in sight to the protest or the resulting traffic jam, called United Hatzalah's Dispatch and Command center requesting help.

Within minutes a package of water, medicine, formula and food, was organized by EMT Shlomi Polishuk from Beit Shemesh. Shlomi headed out to the area closest to the protest that he could arrive at by car and met up with EMT ambucycle driver Tzachi Buchbot who also lives in Beit Shemesh but was assisting people stuck in the traffic.

Buchbot took the package of supplies and weaved his way through the traffic to deliver it to the family in need. Buchbot gave the family his personal cell phone number and told them that if they need anything else not to hesitate to call.

Following this incident, Buchbot was waived over to another car where a groom told him that due to the traffic he was late for his own wedding.

Buchbot, being familiar with the pathways and trails around the highway, pulled the driver over and guided him on safe paths through the countryside to the wedding hall helping him make it to the wedding.