Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Members of the Iranian Revolutionary GuardReuters

A group of 30 senior Revolutionary Guards officials celebrated the downing of the US drone at a prayer and dinner event held in honor of the military achievement.

According to the New York Times report, the group met in a villa in the northeastern section of the capital of Tehran and sat down around a dining table where chicken and rice dishes were served.

"A special greeting to the commander who ordered the attack against the American drone and the fighters who carried out it," said one of the clerics at the meeting, who said that they replied: "Amen." He said that the Revolutionary Guards wondered if they could hit such a high target in the sky. The New York Times reported that, in fact, the Revolutionary Guards tried to hit the advanced UAV only to prove that they could do so, in light of what they conceive as the US administration's supposed contempt for Iran's military capabilities.

Last Wednesday night, Iranian forces shot down an unmanned American aircraft which the US claims was flying over international waters.

The US has blamed Iran for attacks on multiple oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.

Two tankers from Norway and Japan were attacked in the Gulf of Oman earlier this month. The US and its allies have also accused "Iran and its proxies" of being behind the May 12 attacks on four tankers anchored in the Gulf of Oman off the United Arab Emirates port of Fujairah.

Iran also reportedly fired a missile at an American drone aircraft earlier this month, but failed to down the aircraft.