Edge of Ariel, Samaria
Edge of Ariel, SamariaFlash 90

Four Jewish hikers detained Friday afternoon after being attacked by Palestinian Authority (PA) "police officers" were released home before sunset on Friday, thanks to intervention by Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan and Honenu attorney Nati Rom.

Dagan himself arrived at the police station, demanding the hikers be released and treated as innocent hikers instead of as criminals.

The hikers, who had been hiking in springs near Ariel, were chased by PA "police officers" who fired into the air. The IDF, arriving an hour and a half later, rescued the hikers and brought them to safety. They were then brought to the police station to testify.

On Saturday night, Dagan spoke with a senior IDF official, demanding a thorough investigation be conducted and that the incident not be allowed to be forgotten.

"Palestinian policemen firing at and arguing with Israeli civilians in Area C crosses a red line," Dagan said. "This is a serious issue. I demand the investigation of this issue be continued."

"These are normal and serious people who went for a hike on a Friday. It is unfathomable that if they became confused and walked close to an [Arab] village, Arabs should attempt to lynch and kill them, and Palestinian police officers should fire into the air and chase after them in Area C."