Zachary Baumel's funeral
Zachary Baumel's funeralHadas Parush/Flash 90

Syrian sources are reporting that forces from the Assad regime and from Russia are searching for additional missing Israelis in a cemetery in the Damascus area, where the bones of Zachary Baumel, which were brought to Israel two months ago, were also allegedly located.

Journalist Roi Kais reported on Thursday on Kan 11 News that the cemetery in question is a cemetery for “shaheeds” in the Al-Yarmuk camp in southern Damascus. The cemetery has been shut down for the searches and authorities are not permitting anyone to get close to it.

A source in the Al-Yarmuk refugee camp told Kan 11 News that the regime is imposing heavy media restrictions on the entire issue, and is also preventing residents who lived in the camp in the past from returning to their homes.

A source in the Syrian opposition estimates that the Russians are asking the Assad regime to step up searches for the missing Israelis.

Russia, as is well known, brought about the return of the bones of Zachary Baumel to Israel in April.