Parents and their adult children
Parents and their adult childreniStock

One out of every three young adults (32%) lives with his or her parents, a survey by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) showed.

Most of these young adults - defined as between 25-34 years of age - are single. A full 79% of singles living with their parents are employed, while another 28% are students.

The number of singles living with their parents is higher among Arab men (45%).

According to CBS' statistics, among adults over age 20 who were ever married, 26% married before the age of 21, 35% married between the ages of 22-25, 23% married between 26-29, and 14% were married for the first time after their thirtieth birthday.

Thirty-five percent of Jewish women were married by age 21, compared to 59% of Arab women. Nineteen percent of Jewish women and 41% of Arab women gave birth to their first child before age 21.

Among Jews, 43% of haredim married before age 21 (30% of men and 56% of women), while just 17% of their secular counterparts did the same. Twenty-three percent of married Israelis cohabited before marriage.

CBS also noted that while divorce is becoming increasingly common, just 14% of divorces occurred after less than two years of marriage, while 11% occurred after the couple had been married between three and nine years. The vast majority - a whopping 71% - occurred after the couple in question had been married ten or more years.

Fifty-four percent of women who are either currently employed or were employed before their children were born made a change in their career or employment after the birth of a child.

Thirty-nine percent of employees (1.4 million employees) are unhappy with their work-life balance.

Of Israelis ages 65 and above, 91% have at least one grandchild.