Rabbi Tau
Rabbi TauMichael Yaakovson

Yeshivat Har HaMor President Rabbi Tzvi Tau slammed the Education Ministry in the lesson he delivered to his students last week.

"In the Education Ministry there's agitation by foreign elements that are hostile to Israel and want to bring us down and weaken us from within," the rabbi said. "Every department has representatives of non-Jewish bodies, non-Jewish foundations, of countries that go over all the material and dictate what goes in and what doesn't."

Rabbi Tau stated that the Education Ministry bears the banner of corrupt postmodern influence: "This is a corrupt influence spreading over the world and emptying it of its other basic and human values, values ​​of humanity that precede Torah."

He expressed concern that same-sex-attraction (SSA) treatments would be outlawed: "They won't rest until someone succeeds in changing something and heals some deviant and miserable people, so they can revoke his license. Until there's such a law, they'll never rest."

"You have to rebel against it, go out into the streets, demonstrate, do civil disobedience over this," Tao said. "The Leftist side doesn't want to talk about it because it's satisfied and the Right is afraid that it will harm institutions and budgets."

Rabbi Tau said of those he says are harming the Education Ministry: "These criminals, the national criminals who are responsible for all this, are irresponsible, and all in order to realize their utopia and their imagination," said Rabbi Tau.

"These criminals should be behind bars, where they belong, without iPhones and without the possibility of contact outside, so they can't continue to destroy us from within and uproot our existence.

"It doesn't matter which party, religious or non-religious, whoever cares not about his institution, but about the State and its continued existence, must go with a cry and struggle of a culture war that is in our blood and threatens our existence."