Ogir Sofer
Ogir SoferHillel Meir

MK Ofir Sofer demanded that Prime Minister Netanyahu order the Shin Bet intelligence agency to open an investigation into the abduction and rape of a seven-year-old girl.

"I am shocked by this inconceivable act - the rape of a seven-year-old girl by a monster," MO Sofer wrote on Twittewr Monday.

Given that I find it hard to believe that there were three pedophiles standing next to her, I expect the prime minister and the defense minister to order the Shin Bet to launch an investigation as soon as possible."

On Sunday, police revealed in a press release that a Palestinian Arab man from the town of Deir Qaddis, near Modi’in Illit, had been indicted for the abduction and rape of a seven-year-old Israeli girl from her school in an Israeli town in Judea and Samaria.

After befriending the girl, the suspect, who worked in the girl’s school as a janitor, forcibly took the a house, where he forced to the ground and raped her.

On Monday, it was revealed that at least two other Palestinian Arab workers were present during the rape and helped the suspect by holding the victim’s arms and legs, preventing her from resisting or fleeing.

While the primary suspect is in custody, the two other Arab workers have not been arrested.