Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion AirportNoam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Israel's National Unit for Fighting Economic Crime, part of the Lahav 433 division, on Monday opened an investigation into a network which smuggled foreign workers into Israel, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The network had been active for several months and brought Georgians into Israel via Ben Gurion International Airport.

Six people were arrested for questioning under warning and another eight were detained on suspicion of working with the group, Kikar Hashabbat reported. Those arrested are suspected of violating Israel's Law of Entry, as well as accepting bribes, fraud, and breach of trust, connection with crime, and accepting something fraudulently.

The case is being handled by Israel Police and the State Prosecutor's economic department.

According to suspicions, each of those involved played a personal role in a larger scheme to bring Georgian citizens into Israel. Suspects included employees of companies servicing the airport, who worked in an organized and systematic fashion throughout the period, and succeeded in evading security controls and helping Georgian citizens enter Israel without passing through border security or passport control.

Each member of the group was assigned a task which aided the process, worked to avoid discovery by law enforcement authorities, and received money for aiding the smuggling.