ErdanFlash 90

Minister of Internal Security and Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan fiercely attacked Israeli newspaper Haaretz for its criticism against him on Thursday.

"Ha'aretz, which often compares Israel to the Nazis and aids in delegitimizing Israel to the world, again devoted its editorial to attacking me - what an honor," Erdan wrote in a Facebook post.

"This time they hit a new record," Erdan continued. 'The country is sobbing for the violation of the freedom of speech of the Palestinians and their supporters.' What's the violation? The fact that my office and I are working in every possible way against anti-Semitic and anti-terrorist BDS organizations."

"After all, we already know that when Haaretz attacks something fiercely, it's a sign that we did something really good - so this is a good thing. But it's also important to remember that Haaretz is simply on the side of those who are fighting against us and those who don't want a Jewish state here. Their hypocrisy cries to heaven. They take advantage of the endless freedom of expression in Israel in a distorted way and fight for the freedom of expression of our enemies and their supporters. And against who? Not against the corrupt Abbass or the murderous Hamas - they're against us," Erdan added.

"Haaretz - you should be ashamed," Erdan concluded.