PA farmers at Tel Aviv event
PA farmers at Tel Aviv eventCivil Administration

Three hundred Palestinian Arab farmers from Judea and Samaria visited Tel Aviv for the annual Agro Mashov agriculture and gardening convention.

The two-day event, which began Tuesday, is being held at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, and showcases the latest Israeli agricultural technology.

Israel’s Civil Administration, which governs most of Judea and Samaria, permitted the Palestinian Authority residents to enter Israel specially for the convention, enabling them to learn from Israel’s agricultural industry and boost the Palestinian Arab economy in Judea and Samaria.

The Palestinian Arab farmers met with Israeli farmers and businessmen involved in the agriculture industry, laying down the foundation for future business ventures and cooperation.

“Agriculture is an important driver of the economy in Palestinian society,” said the Civil Administration’s Samir Moadi, who added that the coordination between Israel and Palestinian farmers was “closer now than ever before.”

“The participation of Palestinian farmers is crucial for the goal of integrating them into Israeli agriculture and the global market.”