IDF soldiers in Shechem (archive)
IDF soldiers in Shechem (archive)IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Palestinian Arab officials reported on Monday night that IDF forces had surrounded the building of the Palestinian Preventive Security headquarters in Shechem (Nablus).

According to the officials, an exchange of fire broke out, likely between the IDF soldiers and the Palestinian Arab security officers stationed at the building. The circumstances of the incident are unclear at this time.

The Shechem governor of the Palestinian Authority, Ibrahim Ramadan, claimed that the forces had fired at Preventive Security headquarters. He said that one member of the PA security forces was wounded.

Ramadan also said that the shooting took place on the first, second and third floors of the headquarters. He claimed that Israel did not update the Palestinian District Coordination Office before entering Shechem.

The IDF confirmed the incident in a statement released Tuesday morning, adding that no Israeli personnel were injured in the shooting.

"Overnight, during an operational activity of IDF troops to apprehend terror operatives in the city of Nablus, fire was exchanged between IDF troops and a group of armed men who were identified by the troops as suspects. In retrospect, the men were Palestinian security forces. No injuries to IDF soldiers were reported. The incident will be reviewed."