Minister Ohana at ceremony
Minister Ohana at ceremonyYossi Zamir

Justice Minister Amir Ohana presented his approach to the legal system in a speech at a new lawyers' certification ceremony.

At the Bar Association ceremony, Ohana said that "in the Book of Proverbs it is written, 'There are many thoughts in the heart of man, and the counsel of G-d will prevail'. You are a magnificent mosaic of the entire State of Israel. There is no statement that criticism of the judicial system is not allowed; it's essential for democracy. There is a claim that anyone who would dare reform the justice system wishes to destroy it.

"Anyone who wants a just justice system must be willing to criticize it. Fixing it won't come if we give in to hysterical cries over the end of democracy," added Ohana.

"Isn't there critical importance to a multiplicity of opinions? Is the legal system transparent enough? Those who feel the need for justice and the search for truth should ask these questions. The judiciary is the least democratic of the other authorities," declared the Justice Minister.

Israel Bar Association Chairman Avi Chaimi said earlier that "the judicial system cannot and should not be immune to criticism."

"On the contrary, one can ask questions that are difficult to argue with, and our legal system must face these questions, and we must ask ourselves how we can correct and improve."