The woman who suffered moderate to severe injuries in road accident on the Arava Road (Route 90) on Thursday has regained consciousness.

The woman, who is currently hospitalized in Be'er Sheva's Soroka Medical Center, has been informed of the deaths of her daughters, Shirel, 8, and Mila, almost 4.

Both the woman's husband and their young son suffered light injuries in the crash.

The family, new immigrants from France, had been driving down to Eilat for a vacation at the time of the crash.

Shirel and Mila were laid to rest on Thursday, in a funeral that drew 500 people.

Initial investigations show that the accident was occurred when two private vehicles rammed into each other. It is suspected that one of the vehicles swerved out of its lane and rammed the vehicle driving towards it.

זירת התאונה הקטלניתיובל שגיא תיעוד מבצעי מד"א