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With a goal of making Torah study on Shavuot accessible and relevant to Israelis of all backgrounds and levels of observance, Tzohar will once again be presenting hundreds of learning programs for the holiday. In coordination with Ohr Torah Stone and in memory of Faye (Tzipora Dvora) Kronitz, this year the program will extend beyond Israel's shores with sessions planned in India, Sweden and Greece.

“The popularity of this program demonstrates that Israelis have a desire to connect with their Jewish heritage even when they choose to vacation out of Israel. We have responded by making programs accessible in areas with large concentrations of Israeli travelers,” says Rabbi David Stav, Founder and Chair of Tzohar. “The message of this program is that people can appreciate and relate to Jewish tradition and heritage wherever on the map they may be.”

Tzohar's Shavuot learning programs have transformed the tradition of studying Torah on Shavuot night into a meaningful, relevant and accessible experience that appeals to Israelis from diverse backgrounds. Informal learning sessions are scheduled to take place in homes across the country where each home received learning materials, help publicizing the event as well as a budget for refreshments. Source sheets have already been delivered to the Indian city of Dharamshala, Stockholm Sweden and northern Greece where Israeli travelers have been invited to enjoy small study sessions followed by Shavuot prayers at sunrise all coordinated by Tzohar volunteers.

“On Shavuot every Jew deserves to learn in a way that is relevant,” Rabbi Stav explains. “When Torah learning is viewed as coercive and forced, it’s natural that we feel apprehensive. Shavuot is a wonderful opportunity to invite Jews of all backgrounds to engage in their Jewish heritage in a warm, welcoming and thought-provoking environment; Indeed each year we are encouraged by the response and increased requests for this special program”.

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