Piccadilly Circus in London, England
Piccadilly Circus in London, EnglandFlash 90

Daniel Seal, one of the youngest ever councillors to be elected to London Borough of Barnet, has left his position, and indeed politics completely, in order to pursue a career in the tech industry.

Although Seal was re-elected into the local council, the entrepreneur has still stood down from this position, claiming that he “enjoyed representing the people but realised that politics is a very unpredictable industry and you need MPs with world experience; politicians who have been at the coalface.”

Seal had become the co-founder of a tech company called “Bedside Manner”, whilst also being its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Bedside Manner is a platform that delivers feedback to professionals in the medical industry. Seal reflects on his experience with Bedside Manner, stating that he “had moderate success with it but it was maybe a little bit too early for its time.”

Since his initial beginnings in the tech industry, Seal has now created the Unbound festival. The Unbound festival facilitates the connecting of brands and corporate businesses with innovative new technology, and other such products, attempting to “fuel their innovation and growth.”

The Unbound festival will be arriving to London this summer on the 17th and 18th of July, and has an impressive line-up of speakers; including the EU lead Evangelist of Amazon Alexa, Max Amordeluso and the Global Chief Brand Officer and Corporate Vice President of Kodak, Dany Atkins.

The Unbound festivals have taken place across the globe; Seal hosting them in Bahrain, London, Miami and Singapore. With an extensive background and understanding into how the government both thinks and works, complimented with considerable experience in the tech industry, Seal is now attempting to create more connections between these two areas.

The event will feature prominent banking and tech companies including Salesforce, Cisco and Netflix. The UK has continued to be a hub for Israel tech companies including employee benefit company hibob, casino operator Playtech and content creators Kaltura, Taboola and Outbrain. In finance, notable startups include Western Circle, provider of payday loans bad credit, trading site eToro and business finance provider ezbob.

Seal has stated that “The reason we’ve done well is that we understand the government’s agenda, and their agenda and the industry’s agenda isn’t necessarily the same thing”. The tech company founder and former councillor has since elaborated on this, touching on the new election, and how Matt Hancock’s urge to improve technology throughout the NHS, shows just how fast-pace the tech sector is in comparison to the government.

Seal further claims that “The way in which the banking sector operates is massively up for disruption. That’s something which is really exciting” and that “It will change the way we deal with people that don’t have bank accounts and looking for ways to improve society.”