Republican Party in Israel head Marc Zell spoke at the Chovevei Zion and Arutz Sheva conference in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem last night.

Zell revealed that Former Governor Scott Walker, also participating in the Conference, will be "extremely active" in the 2020 campaign to re-elect President Trump, and expressed a wish that the Republicans retain Senate control while retaking the House of Representatives "from the kooks in the Democratic Party who are taking over there." There was not-altogether unserious banter about a Walker presidential run in 2024.

Asked whether the recent Trump response to new Israeli elections that "Israel has to get its act together" was a serious admonition or a mere bon mot spoken off-the-cuff and in jest, Zell was matter-of-fact: "He couldn't be more correct," to the delighted applause and laughter of the participants. "President Trump seems to get it right every time."

Zell elaborated: "He's right, we've got it mixed up here in Israel. You just heard May Golan talking about the elections coming up in September; there's no reason for that, we should have been on our way to getting things done with the 21st Knesset, now we're going to have to wait for the 22nd."