Moshe Lion
Moshe LionAharon Krohn/Flash90

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion on Wednesday afternoon promised that the LGBT flags would be taken down immediately following the "pride" parade Thursday afternoon.

Following the city's insistence on removing pro-family signs while ignoring requests to remove LGBT flags, one resident wrote that he was "shocked to discover" the bias.

"Where are law and justice?" he sent Lion via WhatsApp. "Are my family and I second-class citizens in this city?"

"My dear friend, I am committed to acting according to my legal adviser's guidelines. I am very sorry that you feel hurt. Tomorrow night all of the flags will be removed."

Earlier on Wednesday, hundreds of Jerusalem residents wrote Lion a letter demanding he remove the LGBT flags hanging in the city's streets.

"As residents of the city of Jerusalem we see ourselves as obligated to protest the hanging of abomination flags and the hosting of the abomination parade, as well as the transfer of half a million dollars to the LGBT community, which hurts Judaism's basic principles and takes pride in committing some of the worst sins in the Torah. We must distance this abomination," they wrote.

"We support and stand behind Jerusalem's rabbi, Rabbi Aryeh Stern, and demand like him that your honor fulfill his request to remove the abomination flags from the city's streets."

Members of the Forum for Jerusalem's Holiness also requested Lion remove the flags: "We turn to you in the name of the city of Jerusalem's residents, who chose you to retain the city's character and staunchly protest holding events and waving flags which make our holy city ugly. We demand that your honor act in order to stop these warped values from infiltrating the public spaces in our lives."