Strike in Syria
Strike in SyriaReuters

Israeli strikes targeting Syria on Sunday left 10 people dead, including three Syrian soldiers and seven foreign fighters, a Syrian opposition organization based in Britain said.

They were killed in missile strikes close the capital Damascus where Syrian troops, Iranian forces and Hezbollah fighters are stationed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

It did not specify the nationalities of the foreign fighters killed.

According to the IDF, on Saturday night "two rockets were launched from Syria towards Mount Hermon in the northern Golan Heights. One of the rockets was located within Israeli territory."

"In response, IDF fighter jets and attack helicopters struck a number of military targets belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces. Amongst the targets were two Syrian artillery batteries, a number of observation and intelligence posts on the Golan Heights, and an SA-2 aerial defense battery.

"During the strikes, an Israeli aerial defense system was activated due to Syrian anti-aircraft shooting. None of the rockets exploded in Israel."

The IDF also emphasized that it "holds the Syrian regime accountable for every action taken against Israel and will firmly operate against any activity from within Syrian territory against Israel. The IDF will continue to operate against any attempt to harm Israeli civilians and territory, and is committed to protect Israeli civilians."