Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuCredit: Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's son Yair claimed on Thursday that Liberman's top coalition demand from Netanyahu in 2009 was the hiring of an attorney general who would close the criminal cases against him.

Yair Netanyahu tweeted his claim in the wake of the dissolving of the 21st Knesset on Wednesday after the refusal of Liberman's party, Yisrael Beyteinu, to compromise on the draft law and join the coalition.

Liberman had been accused of receiving millions of shekels from business owners while serving as MK, money laundering, breach of trust and witness tampering.

The younger Netanyahu also tweeted a screenshot of a 2013 Haaretz article telling of the mysterious disappearances and suicides of witnesses slated to testify again Liberman in the criminal cases. Ultimately, Yehuda Weinstein, the attorney general that Netanyahu appointed in 2010, closed the cases against Liberman in 2013. The previous AG, Menachem Mazuz, had received Liberman's cases in 2009, with a recommendation from the police to press criminal charges.

Weinstein vehemently denied Yair's statement on Kan radio on Thursday, saying that "the claims are nonsense" and that he closed the cases based on his legal opinion and would do it again today.