Ofir Sofer
Ofir SoferHezki Baruch

The IDF is the melting pot of Israeli society, and it needs to remain that way. As a commander and an IDF fighter, I've seen how the integration of haredim into the army has slowly become reality.

In recent years, the haredi community has begun integrating more and more into the army, as well as into the job market and society, in a way that should kindle respect. This is a beautiful and existential change, it's a process that's happened specifically because of the respectful dialogue and despite the hate-mongering talk supported by [Blue and White MK] Yair Lapid.

The same Lapid came up with the concept of "sharing the burden equally" because he couldn't talk about the spirit of volunteering, so he chose to talk about equality, where everyone gives a little, no more than the next person, and you know why. (Lapid's IDF service was as a writer, ed.)

The discourse on Israel's right needs to be different. We need to talk about enlisting in the IDF as a privilege and as volunteering, just like immigration to Israel, settling the land, and learning Torah, and we're on our way to that.

I've seen this with my subordinates as well, some of whom came from the haredi community. And I see it today as well, in the younger haredim who I meet not infrequently.

There's no reason that because of the Draft Law, we are to hold new elections and harm the public's faith in politicians. A national government was chosen, and it can do a lot of good things for the people of Israel, including regarding the Draft Law. I turn to my friends in Yisrael Beytenu: End this stalemate and let us get to work.