International Criminal Court at The Hague
International Criminal Court at The HagueiStock

The Military Advocate General, Major General Sharon Afek, participated today, Tuesday, in the international conference of the Military Advocate General's Office on the subject of the laws of war.

The MAG said that "Israel's position is that the International Criminal Court has no authority to deal with matters relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

"Israel is a law-abiding state, with an independent and strong legal system, and there is no reason why its actions should be subject to the court’s review."

According to Afek, "The growing integration between the Hezbollah terrorist organization and the Lebanese state has legal significance. Last year, Hezbollah and its allies won a significant number of seats in the Lebanese parliament and joined the cabinet.”

"This raises questions such as: Is there currently a separation between the State of Lebanon and the terrorist organization? What will be the role of the Lebanese state in a future confrontation?"

Sharon Afek (Credit: IDF Spokesperson)