LGBT demonstration
LGBT demonstrationKobi Richter/TPS

LGBT activists hung rainbow flags outside of the main office of the Jerusalem Rabbinate Tuesday morning, and scrawled graffiti on the floor in front of the building.

The activists targeted the Jerusalem Rabbinate after Rabbi Aryeh Stern, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, called on Mayor Moshe Lion to prohibit the waving of the LGBT rainbow flag at the upcoming gay pride parade in the capital, scheduled to take place June 6th.

“While I know that the mayor has no legal ability to prevent the parade,” wrote Rabbi Stern in a letter to Mayor Lion, “I therefore request that you at least give an order barring waving of the flags which make the city ugly.”

In protest of Rabbi Stern’s effort to get the LGBT flag banned, activists hung rainbow flags up at the entrance to the rabbinate’s office and spray-painted the Biblical phrase “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.