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A swastika was found etched inside an elevator in the British Parliament this week.

The symbol was found Tuesday on the door of an elevator in the Norman Shaw North building, the Jewish Chronicle reported, near MPs offices at the Palace of Westminster.

A parliamentary aide to Labour MP Tulip Saddiq, Oliver Denton Lieberman, discovered the swastika, and took to social media with a picture of the defaced elevator door.

“Unbelievable but true - someone has scratched a swastika into the door of our lift in Parliament. Nazi graffiti in the Mother of Parliaments. A sickening act,” Lieberman wrote.

The aide said that he had notified police of the vandalism.

In response, a spokesperson for the House of Commons issued a statement, vowing to remove the “highly offensive” symbol.

“We are aware of some highly offensive graffiti in a lift on the Estate and it will be removed as a matter of urgency”.