Damaged memorial at David Yellin
Damaged memorial at David YellinMor Shimoni

The David Yellin College Disciplinary Committee decided to temporarily suspend several Arab students who had destroyed a memorial plaque for fallen IDF soldiers and victims of hostilities at the college.

During the event that took place about two weeks ago, the Arab students extinguished the memorial candles that were lit for the souls of the martyrs and wrote "Ramadan Karim" on the memorial plaque.

The college's management said that in addition to the temporary suspension, a warning letter will be issued to the students in question's personal file, stating that any further violation of the rules of conduct will lead to their permanent removal from the college.

The students will also be required to write a letter of apology to the College President Professor Joseph Frost, and to the entire community of the College, in Hebrew and Arabic.

In addition, the students will also be required to perform educational services in the community "in connection with their actions and their results." The students were given 14 days to appeal the punishment.

B'Tzalmo Organization head Shai Glick said, "I applaud the severe punishment of the suspension and the educational discipline. Every student must honor his colleagues, terror victims, and IDF soldiers. The academy has full freedom of expression. But there are red lines one does not cross. And here they were crossed. There's no doubt that this was a quick and important response and I appreciate the President for that."