Momentum, previously known as the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, is announcing its new name and its renewed vision at its 10th Anniversary Momentum Event in Israel. 18,000 women have come from 29 countries thanks to Momentum.

"The one thing all these women have in common, is that they're all mothers. They all have children under the age of eighteen at home. And they're coming from all these countries and cultures and within 24 hours, they become sisters, because we share the same values. We focus on what unites us and not what divides us," said Momentum Founding Director Lori Palatnik. "Today is the anniversary of the tenth year of the first trip of women who ever came on momentum to Israel."

Arutz Sheva spoke to Momentum participants about what they took away from the experience: "I've never been here, my children have; and I wanted to see what they loved about the country," said one participant.

"It was the most amazing experience," related another. "Spiritual, emotional, fun, laughter, tears; everything."

"Now I feel that this is my country, this is my home; Israel is my home," explained one woman. "I want to share this faith in my heart to other mothers in my country and in my city."

A woman from North America expressed the aspect that made the experience the most special to her: "The pride that you feel when you're walking around Israel in Jerusalem, and knowing that all your sisters are with you and that we're all Jewish and that we don't have to be afraid, and we can be who we are."