restroom for undefined gender
restroom for undefined genderiStock

After an ongoing campaign by “LGBT” organizations, the IDF has decided to make a revolutionary change and relinquish the definitions of "Mother" and "Father" in favor of "Parent 1" and "Parent 2", so as to prevent embarrassment during the stages of recruitment.

Galei Tzahal Army Radio reported that for years the army refrained from changing documentation so as not to get involved in political disagreements: In doing so now, the IDF is essentially giving official recognition to the existence of "LGBT” families.

The IDF Spokesperson stated that "The IDF updates and changes the questionnaires from time to time in accordance with the comments received and the needs that arise during the screening process."

The “Torat Lehima” group, which works to strengthen the Jewish character of the State and the IDF, said in response, "It is shocking to see how the IDF has succumbed to the progressive dictates and constructs of the LGBT organizations. Will Galei Tzahal now change its Friday program to ‘The Voice of Parent 2’? [Galei Tzahal currently runs a program called ‘The Voice of Mother.’] The IDF must stop dealing with constructs. It is inconceivable for Israeli culture to be shaped by the army without public debate - this is not its role."