Henry Kissinger
Henry KissingerReuters

An extraordinary political summit took place last week in the United States with veterans of international diplomacy, following the visit of former Israeli ambassador and respected diplomat Zalman Shoval.

Shoval's visit was part of the promotion of the book Diplomat, which was translated into English in the United States.

As part of the visit, Shoval was invited to the office of former US national security adviser John Bolton, who discussed their current past and discussed the current events.

After his meeting with Bolton, Shoval continued his meeting with former Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Henry Kissinger.

During their meeting, Shoval and Kissinger talked about the 'Deal of the Century' which US President Donald Trump is expected to begin to unveil next month. Kissinger had surprising words of praise for Prime Minister Netanyahu. "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu correctly analyzes the situation." he said.