Marathon runner (illustrative)
Marathon runner (illustrative)Credit: iStock/Gil Ronen

Beatie Deutsch, a haredi marathon runner who lives in Har Nof, Jerusalem, finished first place in the Riga Marathon in Latvia on Sunday.

Deutsch, 29, is the mother of five children and began running only three years ago. She always runs in modest clothing, including a head covering, skirt and long sleeves.

The half-marathon was the first international race that Deutsch won, finishing in one hour 17 minutes and 34 seconds. According to a report on the haredi website, Kikar Hashabat, Deutsch is the first haredi person to win an international athletics competition.

Deutsch won first place in the Jerusalem Marathon and more recently in the Tiberias Marathon in January. She's been accepted as a candidate to train for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.