scene of the incident
scene of the incidentMDA

Investigators from the "Peles" group of the Lahav 433 police unit, which investigates work-related accidents, began investigating the fatal accident during which parts of a crane collapsed today at a construction site on Jabotinsky Boulevard in Yavneh.

As a result of the collapse, four workers were killed and additional workers were injured. As part of the investigation, eight different staff members were detained at the work site, and police note that some of them will be investigated under caution.

An initial examination of the incident revealed that the crane at the site was supposed to be dismantled today, and that, at the time of the collapse, the workers had already begun dismantling it.

During the beginning of the dismantling work, weights apparently fell from the back of the crane, hitting three workers below, and they were killed on the spot. The crane itself collapsed as well, and another worker who was trapped on the harness of the crane itself was extricated later - without vital signs.

MDA Paramedic Guy Bubliel said, "This is a very serious incident. Three workers, about thirty years old, lay on the ground near the construction site, with very severe systemic damage after they were hit by parts of a crane that collapsed from a great height. We performed medical tests but they were without vital signs and we were forced to confirm their deaths. Another worker, a man in his 20s, was trapped at the head of the crane while connected to the harness, suspended in the air between heaven and earth."

"The firefighters who ascended managed to remove the worker to the foot of the crane using ropes, as he was unconscious and suffering from injuries to his upper body," said Bubliel, adding that "We performed tests to provide medical treatment but his injury was severe, and we soon were forced to confirm his death at the scene.”