Candace Owens
Candace OwensReuters

Facebook on Friday banned black conservative activist Candance Owens for seven days, after she wrote a post calling attention to the correlation between father absence in the black community and household poverty, Breitbart reported.

The post concluded: "Black America must wake up to the great liberal hoax. White supremacy is not a threat. Liberal supremacy is."

The social media giant later reversed the ban, claiming that they "mistakenly applied a temporary block to Candace Owens’ account that we have since restored."

"We recently announced a group of people that we removed from our services for violating our policies. Candace Owens was not one of those people," the site claimed.

However, according to Breitbart, Owens is on a list of "hate agents" who Facebook aims to segregate from their platform. Though she is not one of those prioritized, her name does appear in a special "extra credit" list for employees to tackle after those on the main list have been dealt with.

A Facebook spokeswoman told Breitbart that "the list exists" and "did not deny that Owens’ name appears on it." However, she also said she "believes that there has not yet been an investigation" into Owens.

In a Saturday Facebook post, Owens wrote: "IMPORTANT!!! Many of you that follow me are aware, but yesterday Facebook attempted to ban me from their platform for posting that statistics of father absence in the black community and how it correlates to household poverty."

"Fortunately, after making a ton of noise on Twitter, Facebook reversed the suspension. However— yesterday an employee of Facebook contacted Breitbart News and leaked an internal memo, revealing that Facebook is offering 'extra credit' to employees that can figure out how to segregate me from their platform. This is SERIOUS and Facebook has already confirmed that the document in question is real.

"I am considering legal action, but in the interim, I need everyone to share this status update far and wide.
Social media companies are actively attempting to meddle in the 2020 election by silencing voices that are effective against exposing the lies of liberals."