Germany's Bundestag
Germany's BundestagiStock

A resolution which was passed today (Friday) by the German parliament condemns the BDS movement and defines it as "anti-Semitic". The resolution calls on the government to refrain from any support to organizations that are involved in boycott activities against Israel.

“All-encompassing calls for boycotts in their radical nature lead to the stigmatization of Israeli citizens and citizens of Jewish faith as a whole", the resolution reads, "This is unacceptable and worthy of the sharpest condemnation.”

According to the resolution “The arguments and methods of the BDS movement are anti-Semitic”. The resolution states that the actions are a reminiscent of Germany’s Nazi past.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry officially responded to the resolution: "We welcome the Bundestag resolution, adopted by a large majority, against BDS. The German parliament recognized the anti Semitic nature of BDS and its illegitimate boycott activities. This is an important step which we hope will be adopted by other European legislative bodies"