Marijuana in Israel
Marijuana in IsraelAbir Sultan/Flash 90

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman decided to remove cannabis from the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, enabling those with medical prescriptions to obtain cannabis at any Israeli pharmacy, according to a statement by Israel's Health Ministry on Thursday.

"The Dangerous Drugs Ordinance will be changed and medical cannabis will be prescribed for certain medical conditions without requiring a license and approval from the Health Ministry, like any other medication," the Health Ministry wrote in a statement.

"I made a decision to support the position of the Health Ministry to allow [medical cannabis] to be obtained by prescription instead of a licence for specific medical conditions," Litzman said on Thursday. "This is not legalization and anyone who has not received medical authorization to use [medical cannabis[ won't be able to obtain medical cannabis at the pharmacy But this step will significantly decrease the bureaucracy required for patients who need it."