An Iranian espionage film reminiscent of the low-budget 1970's B-movies produced for television in Hollywood called The Fox follows Iranian intelligence agents as they track down Israeli PM Netanyahu’s fictional younger brother, Yohan, reports Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The opening title of the movie, which aired by Ofogh TV said it is fictional, but that "very similar events have happened in the past."

Yohan Netanyahu, a Mossad agent and a commando in Sayeret Matkal, was sent by his brother into Iran on a top-secret mission unknown even to the Mossad. Binyamin Netanyahu's personal secretary and her mother's uncle, who work for Iranian intelligence, help the operatives catch Yohan. The uncle, an old Jewish man who dislikes Jews, explains that his family were gypsies who converted to Judaism during WWII in order to be treated favorably by the U.S.

In his interrogation, Yohan reveals the names of 65 Mossad agents who hold senior positions in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon. The film also suggests that there is a connection between Israel and ISIS.

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