Piles of garbage in Judea and Samari now a thing of the past
Piles of garbage in Judea and Samari now a thing of the pastFlash 90

Yachin Zik, director of activities at the Regavim movement, took part Monday morning in a discussion held by the Knesset's Subcommittee for Dealing with Air Pollution Caused by the Burning of Waste, headed by Knesset Member Yael German (Blue and White).

According to Zik, "The committee headed by Knesset Member German has done extensive and commendable work in the face of the environmental hazard that is seriously damaging the environment and health of Israeli citizens."

"The committee did not manage to dig deeper on the issue of dealing with waste incineration in Judea and Samaria due to the early dissolution of the Knesset, and even the data appearing in the report regarding Judea and Samaria were lacking, but noted that the Ministry of Environmental Protection understood the importance of the issue and even included dealing with the issue in its work plans for 2019."

He emphasized, "Environmental hazards do not recognize the Green Line and harm the health of all citizens, regardless of who the relevant enforcement body is. We will continue to monitor and to ensure that the committee's conclusions are implemented, and that the issue of waste incineration is dealt with properly throughout the country."