The poisoned vultures
The poisoned vulturesNature and Parks Authority

30-year-old from town of Tuba-Zangariyye arrested on suspicion of poisoning eight vultures.

Police on Sunday evening arrested a suspect in the poisoning of eight vultures on the Golan Heights.

The suspect, an Arab resident of the town of Tuba-Zangariyye in his 30s, will be brought to court for a remand extension hearing.

The police said that "this is a serious incident of animal poisoning and from the moment the case was revealed, the Israel Police has been working with the assistance of the Nature and Parks Authority, with all the means at its disposal, to solve the case."

Alongside the eight vultures who died of poisoning, another vulture who received emergency treatment on the ground and was sent to the wildlife hospital at the safari, has recovered and is in very good condition. The vulture is expected to return to nature in the coming days.

Another vulture, who was examined at the field and was clearly not affected by the poisoning, returned that same day to his habitat in Gamla. According to the surveillance data, he is active and in good condition.