Israeli Prison (illustrative)
Israeli Prison (illustrative)Flash 90

100 terrorists who were released as part of the Shalit deal who returned to terror activities, were tried and returned to serve the rest of the prison sentences imposed on them prior to the prisoner exchange.

Another 56 terrorists violated their conditions of release, and 53 of them returned to Israeli prison.

As part of the Shalit deal, the sentences of 1027 terrorists were shortened and they were released from prison.

The terrorists were released on condition that they would not resume terrorist activities, specifically that they refrain from committing any offense punishable by three months or more in prison or any act that harms the security of the State of Israel or the security of the region.

According to information possessed by the IDF and reviewed by Arutz Sheva, about 100 of the terrorists who were released committed security offenses during the conditional period, were re-arrested and tried before the Military Courts in Judea and Samaria for the new offenses. As a result, they have been forced to serve the rest of their original previous sentences.

In addition, administrative evidence was collected on 56 other terrorists who were released as part of the deal indicating that they violated the terms of their release. These terrorists were brought before the Committee to Examine the Violation of Conditional Relief Conditions and the Appeals Committee, which were authorized to hear requests for the resumption of the terrorists' sentences. The committee canceled the release of 53 released terrorists and ordered them to return to serve their sentences.

The cases of two terrorists are still pending before the appeals committee. In the case of another terrorist, the appeals committee decided not to prevent his resumption of the service of his sentence. The IDF petitioned the High Court against the decision, and following the hearing in the High Court, the petition was rejected and the terrorist was not returned to prison.

Attorney Michael Litvak, the Betzalmo organization's legal adviser, responded: "Once again, it is proven that terrorists who are released are returning to the cycle of terror. We call upon the new government to impose the death penalty on the murderers, to punish the other terrorists severely, and not to return to the folly of releasing terrorists. Liberated terrorists are worth an endless cycle of blood."