Muslim children learn to be 'martyrs' (illustrative)
Muslim children learn to be 'martyrs' (illustrative)Flash 90

Muslim schoolchildren in Philadelphia sang an anti-Israel song claiming promising to liberate the Temple Mount from "Zionists" and to "crush the traitor," The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) reported.

Israel controls security on the Temple Mount, but while Muslims have full and constant access to the mount, Jews are rarely allowed to ascend and banned from praying at the site. The Jordanian Waqf manages the site.

The performances were organized by the Muslim American Society (MAS)'s Philadelphia chapter, in honor of "Ummah Day," which occurred last month.

The event was advertised as focusing on the "Golden age of Islamic science," IPT noted.

Two Twitter videos show a boys' performance and a girls' performance, both embracing terrorism and promoting anti-Semitism. Both songs featured in the performances were produced by the Jordanian "Birds of Paradise" children's group.

In the boys' song, lyrics include: "The blood of the martyrs is calling us" and "Sword and text, oh free men/ until we liberate our lands/until we reach our anchorages/ and we crush the traitor" as.well as "Oh rivers of the martyrs, lads."

In the girls' song, students sang: "They were attacked by the army of darkness, and they occupied our Aqsa for years/ but Saladin came to us, an army committed to our religion / God with clear victory / he achieved a dream and returned al-Aqsa / And the Zionists today returned / They occupied al-Aqsa /
But we are not to blame / and our Masra will be restored."