Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan NasrallahReuters

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday threatened to invade Israel’s northern Galilee region and to broadcast globally the destruction of any forces that dare to enter the region.

“The resistance can penetrate the Galilee and the enemy knows it," he said at an event to commemorate three years since the death of Hezbollah’s former military chief, Mustafa Badreddine, according to i24NEWS.

“Israel wants a war? Let it go to war. The Israeli units and brigades that dare to enter southern Lebanon will be annihilated and destroyed in front of the eyes of the media and the entire world,” Nasrallah warned.

The leader of the Lebanese terrorist group referred directly to attacking an undisclosed point of vulnerability as well as a chemical plant in Haifa that contains ammonium, threatening that a single rocket targeting the site could cause serious damage due to the gas tanks.

Nasrallah further claimed that Israel is fearful of Hezbollah’s military capabilities and has no interest in launching a military operation in Lebanon.

“[Israel] is scared of being entangled in Gaza, even though it is exposed from all sides, so it will not dare enter southern Lebanon,” he said, according to i24NEWS.

The Hezbollah leader made a similar threat in February, when he claimed that his group can conquer the Galilee.

In March, he asserted that "the Israeli army is afraid of war against us and they know why. We'll break them on the battlefield. No advanced missile defense systems will help.”

The Hezbollah leader in January broke a lengthy silence with a television interview in which he vowed that the group would continue its digging of tunnels into Israeli territory despite Israel’s Operation Northern Shield to clamp down on those tunnels.