Eli Cohen, hy"d
Eli Cohen, hy"dNational Photo Archives

New evidence of attempts to retrieve the body of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who was executed in Syria in the 1960s, was revealed Wednesday evening by Channel 12.

In a conversation with Maurice Cohen, the brother of the Israeli spy and a Mossad man himself, who was recorded before his death, the brother revealed additional information about the efforts to retrieve the body, including an attempt to carry out an operation that failed.

"There is a version that says the former president Amin al-Hafiz put it in the camp and put a tank battalion to guard it, and then President Assad, the deceased father, they say he dug and planted a gas bomb and poured concrete on it. There is another version that says hotheads burned the body. I am afraid that this version could be correct because [the body] is a very expensive political bargaining chip," says the brother.

He added, "I am almost certain that today they keep this a secret in Syria, that they hide this information and that few in Syria themselves know where he is. Because an attempt was made in the past to take the body. It was transferred to the Lebanon-Syria border."

Sophie Cohen, Eli's daughter, who was first exposed to the recording, said she did not know about these details. "I did not heart this whole story, this is the first time that I have been exposed to these versions and I have no idea whether they are real or not.”