The Netanyahus on a Passover vacation in the Golan.
The Netanyahus on a Passover vacation in the Golan.Credit: Public relations

A new weapon of the Shin Bet security service was revealed during the Netanyahus' Passover vacation which will be used to neutralize a new threat - drones. A security guard was holding a rifle intended to neutralize drones in the air.

The anti-drone rifle is a product of the Chinese company HIKVISION, which sells it to security forces and police around the world. It can be purchased at Ali Express for $20,000.

The rifle is connected to a charger carried on the back of the security guard which transmits a frequency that intercepts drones in a range of up to 1,000 meters. The anti-drone rifle provides a solution to the possibility of someone attempting to use a weapon-carrying drone to assassinate the prime minister.

Serious security issues were revealed in a special report by the State Comptroller on the subject of "national preparations for protection from the threat of drones." The issues include the lack of a requirement for a license for drone operators, the absence of a body that supervises the activity of drone operators, and a lack of IDF preparation.

In an Israeli police document written in February 2016, it was noted that the growing phenomenon of flying various types of drones "creates a real threat in many areas and scenarios of threats such as terrorist attacks, criminal schemes, the crashing of a drone over urban areas or mass events and disruption of aviation." The police also stated that "there is no doubt that the threat is defined as life-endangering and that action must be taken to deal with the threat immediately."