Baruch Eisenberg
Baruch EisenbergCourtesy of the family

Three-year-old Baruch Eisenberg was killed today by a bus on HaHozeh m'Lublin Street in Betar Illit. Eisenberg, originally from New York, came with his family to visit the city for the Passover holiday. Police said initial investigation reveals that for an unknown reason, Baruch, standing on the sidewalk, grabbed his mother's hand while they were together on the sidewalk and he suddenly fell to the road and was hit by the bus. He was found with multi-systemic injury and without vital signs, and the MDA crew was forced to declare his death.

United Hatzala volunteer EMT Elazar Roth who was one of the first responders at the scene said: "I arrived together with members of United Hatzalah's Ambucycle Unit and we saw the boy who had been hit by a bus. We initiated treatment, but sadly, due to the severity of his injuries he was pronounced dead at the scene."

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MDA Emergency Medicine medic Chaim Bernstein said, "This is a very serious tragedy. I was on a nearby street with the ambulance when I got the call. A three-year-old boy was lying on the road near the bus, unconscious and suffering from a severe multi-system injury. I performed a number of medical examinations, but he had no signs of life and we could only determine his death."

"When I got to the scene of the accident, the scene was very difficult," said Yossi Reinitz, a ZAKA volunteer in the SJ District. "A small boy was lying on the road suffering from a very serious injury and unconscious after he was run over by a bus. The ZAKA volunteers in the Shai district took care of the infant's body and collected the findings in the area. It was heartbreaking for us to take care of the difficult scene and see the relatives of the toddler who were there."

Baruch is being laid to rest at this time.

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