Suspects tried to smuggle weapons from Jordan into Israel.
Suspects tried to smuggle weapons from Jordan into Israel.Credit: Israel Police spokesperson

The Israel Police announced on Sunday that the Central Unit of the Northern District of the Israel Police prevented the smuggling of dozens of pistols and submachine guns from Jordanian territory into the state of Israel.

"In a focused operational activity that combined intelligence capabilities and technological means and was carried out by all the Central Command units and soldiers of the IDF's Jordan Valley Brigade, we succeeded in thwarting the smuggling of weapons as part of the ongoing struggle against criminal elements that harm public security," the commander of the Central Brigade said at the end of the complex operation.

During the covert operation near the Jordanian-Israeli border, detectives noticed the suspect who had transferred a large package to Israel.

At the end of the complex operation, the detectives arrested two suspects, aged 30 and 32, from Baka al-Garbiyeh, who approached the border to take the package. The package was examined and a submachine gun and 31 pistols of different types were seized.

While the suspects were arrested near the border, police forces simultaneously managed to arrest two other suspects, aged 25, from Baka al-Garbiyeh, who were waiting in vehicles at a nearby gas station. The police believe that the suspects were intending to travel in two vehicles and transfer the weapons into Israel.

The detention of the four suspects was extended on Friday in the Nazareth court.

In addition, two Toyota Corolla vehicles and a BMW jeep were seized which the police will
seek to foreclose in the legal proceedings