Tapuah Junction
Tapuah JunctionUnited Hatzalah

"The terrorist attacked the patrol car and tried to open the door while holding a large knife," said Guy, deputy commander of the Samaria Region reconnaissance unit, Guy. Guy overcame the terrorist who tried to carry out a stabbing attack at the Tapuah junction on Saturday morning.

There were no civilian or police casualties.

"During an operational activity at the Tapuah junction, we noticed a Border Police force chasing a terrorist who was holding a knife," Guy continued. "I joined the chase with my patrol car and blocked the terrorist. The terrorist attacked the car and tried to open the door while holding a large knife."

"I got out of the patrol par and carried out the procedure for apprehending a suspect. The terrorist did not respond to my calls to halt and tried to escape. I neutralized the terrorist with gunfire."

"In Samaria, just like in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, we are winning and we will win," said Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, on Saturday night. "The cowardly terror of the Palestinian Authority won't deter us. Despite this incident, the Samaria Regional Council's Tourism Department is preparing, in full coordination with the security forces, to host the tens of thousands of families and travelers expected to arrive in Samaria during the intermediate days of the festival - and they are the real winners."

"I call upon the people of Israel to come specifically to Samaria, to travel and strengthen Samaria and the IDF soldiers," Dagan added. "To live in Samaria and to travel within it is our victory over terror. We have a strong nation, a healthy nation - we will win."